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Sasy entertainmentgh (sasyentgh)  is a blog that is dedicated to bring you the latest happening in the entertainment industry, comedy, funny pictures to make your day.
we promote music, comedy, video, dance, and all you want to get to the audience. we also hire dancers, comedians, and singers for our shows and youtube channels.
sasy entertainment in no doubt will be the largest growing entertainment site in Ghana we aim to promote the talents of Ghanaian youth and produce young stars in Ghana.

you can join Sasy entertainment today for free and reach your targeted audience.

our side is updated often with the latest in all areas we cover,  Sasyentgh  is design and own by Assian Victor
you can join us and showcase your talent by visiting the contact us section.


Management and Promotion

The management of Sasyentgh do promote an artist or model either on contract or for free based on the individual potential, seriously etc.  To apply for this, you have to send your songs and cover art personally to the CEO of Sasyentgh.com and your pictures if you're a model.

On no account should you pay any money to anyone in the name of promotion, music upload except verified admins of the music site.

For more information click the contact us button or contact  Sasy boss directly  on

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