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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Akaan To Change His Stage Name To Ikaan- Sasyentgh

 Why ‘Victor Eyoh’ Stopped Using ‘Akaan’ as His Stage Name? Find out



Rebranding it was— Ikaan just wanted to change his corporate image.
To him, Akaan was widely known in Nigeria and part of ghana. But he needed a name that can only  pierce in the local industry but also international market.
So about few months ago, Akaan made a strategic come-back into the music scene. After his many years uninformed hiatus pursuing other careers.
Since then, he has recorded countless hits that is getting the attentions of the public and fans
In a news interview with sasyentgh, Ikaan  spoke about why he decided to change his name from Akaan to his current name.

Well, it was rebranding, it was all about having  new identity and giving an easy and unique name to my fans… I wanted to explore more into the world. I wanted to make my songs and name  known to all, and as a hiphop artiste I thought that the name Akaan was a bit local, and common on the media.  for me to get  the international attention i needed something unique. Because we all know what Akaan is, although there is a unique meaning for it where i come from, that's y home town i mean. but i need something now common on the media.
Ikaan added that this decision have been financially rewarding, getting more attention than his previous name.

“But most people hardly know where i come from because the name Akaan exist as a tribe in Ghana and as a name of company on google, and as a local name in Akwa ibom State Nigeria although not really the spelling the local name is spelled as Akan but has the same pronunciation with Akaan . It’s good as a marketing strategy as well because here in Ghana, people always ask me if I’m from the Akaan Tribe and I’m like ‘No’. They have a different meaning for , so I just felt let me change it and see how it goes and I think it has really worked. It’s an African ting,Ikaan added.
"All my tracks with Akaan remain valid and still useable  as the change only affects my up coming tracks"
What do you think of this decision?

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