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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

60% of Ghana Artists Should Look Into Other Career By Ikaan

"This days you listen to some music and you think this artist should have been a carpenter or trader"
No doubt music these days is very simple, once you have money you can just wake up from sleep and drop a track because you can pay for the production and you consider yourself as a musician. Most of the people drooping tracks these days don't even think of the lyrics nor do they know what music is all about once there are able to pay some hungry producer to produce beats for them.

Recently I went to a studio to meet my producer and just in time to meet a guy on the mic, at first I didn't take note of him nor his lyrics since am used to seeing guys on the mic, but seconds later I couldn't help but note his lyrics, for the first 3mins all he could talk about was Pussy, weed, Sex and other related nonfa if I should put it that way and then he thank the producer and himself and that's all. I couldn't help but ask myself if he knows about pussy, Sex, and weed that much why didn't he take a career maybe as a drug dealer, Sex consultant or better still special adviser to Sex workers. How can you take weed for 2 to 3 days and you say you are a dancehall artist or musician huh?‎

Come to think of it is this the type of music that the small boys and girls in our homes should be listening to? Seriously some artist in Ghana helps to corrupt our kids and I think Musicga should consider looking into the type of music produce by by this artists and put a ban to some. We more men to produce chairs, fabrics,  task collectors  brick layers and many more. 
Music is what everyone listens to and it affects almost 80% of those who listen, the lyrics keeps popping up in our mind. Let's keep the industry safe.
In summary I think these artists should look into other careers rather than polluting the music industry.
By Ikaan 

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