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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ghana leading Music Blog: A Review For Sasyentgh- ParrotGh


Review on Sasyentgh

If you are to take an analysis of all the blogs and site in Ghana believe me you will be rush to a mental hospital
because each many people keep rushing into the blogmosphere but the thing is how many of them really deliver
what their blog is all about?

recently i was taking a look at some music blog in Ghana from the oldest to the newest, from the best design to
those with the easiest interface i was doing it just for fun when i stumble on some new blog
that probably might not have gotten the attention of your phone. i came across this site and according to the about us
it is own and design by Assian Victor i guess his the Sasy Boss as i found out online.
i do download music from many blogs and site but this site gave me a little bit of experience
that i will love to share.

1 name: looking at name, many site have this long name that you can keep in your head, but
this blog name is as easy and as simple to keep and remember

2 Design: one other thing that made me love this site is the simple design it has, most of the
music blog makes their site look like a china market market, over crowded with unwanted contents, ads, and a complicated template
but Sasyentgh provides a simple template, less ads and a straight download button to their music.

3.. Regular update: one of the thing that has  made me to write this review is the rate at which they update their contents,
most of the top music blog i bet you visit and thier last music was uploaded in febuary and what
has happened in the past month can't be found but they just have the name. but Sasyentgh has tried to be updating
with the latest songs and music news.

4 Under Ground Artist Promotion: one thing that have come to love about this blog is giving up coming the chance to put their songs online,
most music blog are just concern with celebrities track, but provides the
opportunity for up coming artist to also upload their songs.

kudos to the admins and owner of Sasy entertainment Gh you guys are really doing a good job
keep it up

Source: Parrotgh

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