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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Free Ghana Music promotion site

Music dont just promote itself, your music won't be downloaded from your phone,  the world won't wait in line for you to send your music to them to listen, be smart and push your music while you can. 

It's bitter, but it's the truth most artist these days hate to hear the word pay money to upload your music, they don't mind turning into a music blogger themselves in an attempt to promote their own music. About few weeks ago when I started music promotion and upload on my blog,  I met an artist who says he doesn't see putting his songs online and giving it social media promotion as an important thing,  he says he believes his songs will go viral when the time comes. Well,  I don't doubt that and I guess he has a lot of faith. 

Social media promotion and marketing is as important as going to the studio to produce the song itself, these days over 60% of the world population are on one social media site or the other, and you never can tell where your music will arrive. is one of the top sites that offers a almost free music promotion in ghana, and as a music download and promotion blog with a wild range of audience, we re open to giving your music a voice, and to help you send it to the right place. is the first when it comes to music promotion and marketing, as a new and up coming entertainment house, our services are unlimited as we are open to giving you the most music promotion you require, with our numerous packages, we are open to giving your music the download it deserves, outside Ghana music download,
Other services rendered by our team includes
1 branding. 
2 music production 
3 mastering 
4 video shooting
5 video promotion 
6 cover art / albulm design. 
Sasyentgh is owned by a music blogger, an entrepreneur, and a Publicist...

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