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Monday, May 14, 2018

Martin Fei Song "Aseda" Saved My Life From Committing Suicide - Woman Testifies

Woman Testifies With A Gospel Song That Saved Her From Suicide.  Martin Fei Aseda

A registered nurse and a resident of Ohio (United States) today shares a testimony of how God saved her from committing suicide early this year through a gospel song she heard right before evil persuaded her to end her life.

In sharing her testimony, for societal judgments, she suggested her full name is withheld due to what humanity might think of her, her broken home and her decision to commit suicide some time past. She said it was for God to give justice and not for humans to judge the situation she found herself in. She however said; 'Aunty Comfort' could be managed in addressing her. 

In the past two years, Aunty Comfort stated life has been 'hell' for her after she lost her husband to her very best friend as well the demise of her son. "I thought I was doing my friend good when she had no place to stay when she moved to Ohio, never knew that was the beginning of my down fall," she added.
She said as much as she tried to endure, the hurt and emotional trauma that heated up from her husband even after she had lost her son was too much. This made her stop going to work and avoided the company of others, with a feeling of loneliness and a sense that she had literally lost everything she had built in this world. 

"I finally planned to end my life one day having in possession different pills that could end it for me. I felt I had to talk to one person, at least a stranger to hear my agony before I took the pills," she added. 
This took her to the popular social website, Facebook, where she could randomly meet as many strangers as she sought. 
In her quest to finding that stranger online, Aunty Comfort came across a link to a song 'Aseda'. The song is a gospel sang by UK based Ghanaian gospel singer - Martin Fei.

"After listening to the song, I busted into tears for as long as I could recalling the goodness of God and the life God has given me irrespective of the challenges I had been through,” she said. 
With regrets, she knelt before God for mercy of her intent to take her life.

She took to following up on the Facebook user who shared the song on his wall just to express how the song actually gave her another reason to live and testify how God saved her through a gospel song. 
She stated "This is a very powerful and inspiring song that gives us a reason to be grateful to God even when things are not moving as we expected.”
I thank God for the life of the artiste - Martin Fei, for such a wonderful gift of song unto this generation.

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