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Thursday, July 12, 2018

10 Advice To Up coming Artists From El

Sasyentgh, Ghana music download

Is not everyday that you get a super star to advice underground artist, Afrobeats artist El, took to his song to send out advice to up coming artist if they want to succeed in the industry. 

1 Be a star that nobody have ever seen before(be orginal, set your own dreams, be the boss)

2 have a crew that are willing to die for you

3 Don't over speed, plan every step, is ok to make mistake but learn from your mistakes, you will hit in a couple of seasons if you move too fast but you should move steady if you want to last.

4 There say money is the root of all evil but in the music base money is the root of more people, if you are not good money will make you sound legit.

5 Stay humble, know the people you work with so when the money comes know the people you should sort.

6 Understand you are not normal you are a brand, understand the way you post your pics on instragam, the way you walk, your clothes,
know the places you go, all these influnce your fans.

7 Competition, people act like there are your friends but there are currently on s mission

8 Know that seasons comes and seasons go your music career is such, it might be warm and it gets cold

9 We're in for the money, the cars and all but save some money on the side

10  Always know that nobody is more relevant than you.

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