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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Scholarship To Study At The Colombus School Of Law

Whether you finance your legal education through loans or a combination of loans and scholarships, law school is a sound and fulfilling investment in yourself and your future. CUA Law is pleased to be able to offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to our students.


By visiting CUA Law, students will receive at least a $1,000 scholarship and be eligible for other scholarships. The $1,000 Visit scholarship is only available to applicants who visit CUA Law between 11/7/17 and 4/12/18 and are planning to attend CUA Law in the 2018-19 school year. The $1000 Visit scholarship is only applicable during the 2018-19 school year for newly enrolled students. For further details please contact the Admissions office at (202) 319-5151.


CUA Alumni may nominate entering first-year or transfer students for a $1,000 Alumni award renewable for up to four years. Completed Alumni Scholarship Recommendation Forms must be submitted to the Law School Admissions Office and must be received along with all other materials submitted in support of a complete application. Once an admissions decision and scholarship recommendation have been made, adjustments are not possible. .


Merit-Based Scholarships Merit-Based Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission for both first-year and transfer students. Please note that there are Full Scholarships, as well as Partial Scholarships available. Scholarships are awarded by the Admissions Office and decisions are based on a review of the applicant’s entire application file. LSAT scores and prior Grade Point Averages are an important, but not exclusive component in the awarding process. No separate “aid application” is required for consideration for merit- based scholarships.
In general, CUA does not offer need-based grants or scholarships. However, students are encouraged to utilized federal student loan programs, if needed. Details

Many of our scholarships are made possible by generous donors, and as such recipients have opportunities to meet with donors during the school year, expanding valuable networks into the legal community. We also have special-interest scholarships, encouraging and rewarding pursuit of legal studies in specific areas such as communication law, securities law, and public interest.
CUA Law maintains and constantly updates a list of Non-CUA- Funded (Outside) Scholarships. These scholarships are available from many organizations and some employers that support and encourage students who pursue legal educations. Tips on completing scholarship applications can be found here.
Merit-Based Scholarship eligibility is reviewed each year a student is enrolled at CUA Law. Awards for continuing students are officially offered in late June each year and most awards are determined as follows:
a. Scholarships received during the first year of attendance (except some Special Interest Scholarships) are renewed for subsequent years subject to the recipient remaining “in good standing.”
b. First-year students who did not receive a scholarship for the first-year of study, but finish in the top portion of their respective class are eligible for scholarships.
Policy Notes related to continuing Merit-Based Scholarships:
(1) Students who change programs from Full-Time (Day) to Part-Time (Evening) and vice-versa will receive a scholarship award prorated according to the change. For example, if an award received for full- time enrollment represents 30% of full-time tuition for the first year of enrollment, the comparable “prorated” award for enrollment in the Part-Time program will be 30% of a comparable student’s part-time tuition charges for the first year of enrollment. Awards for subsequent years of enrollment will renew at the adjusted amount.
(2) Students who return after a leave of absence, and are in good standing, continue the scholarship in effect at the time the student began his/her leave.
(3) In general, scholarships are awarded only for regular semesters and not for courses taken during summer sessions. Please click here for more details about applying scholarship awards to summer sessions.
(4) CUA funded scholarships are available only to students who are enrolled as degree-seeking students and are paying tuition to CUA.
Please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or by phone (202-319- 5151) with any questions you may have.

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