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Monday, July 16, 2018

Unbelievable: Mum Sleeps With Her Son Every Wednesday To ‘Maintain His Wealth’

Going in for ‘blood money’ is supposed to come with all sorts of conditions quite difficult to achieve.

We know of numerous sakawa boys in Ghana who have to be forced to undergo numerous debasing acts to keep their ‘magically’ acquired wealth, including sleeping in coffins or not bathing for weeks or whatever other ridiculous demand their spiritualist makes of them.

demand they have to keep to is that every Wednesday she has to bang her son.

According to her she has been doing it (having s£x with her son) every week for the past 16 years and the day she stops all his wealth would be lost and he would die a painful death.
Banda Yvonne, 52, confessed in a recent interview that: “I have been sleeping with my son, Abel since 2002 when he started his transportation business which has grown tremendously and he now owns a fleet of trucks, buses, and other small cars.” she said.

“The price is that, once I stop sleeping with him, all our hard earned wealth will vanish in thin air and my son will die a very painful death.
“We have s£x every Wednesday and we do it at my house where the charm was buried.” she added.
According to her she has even confessed in some churches and all but she can’t stop doing what she does for fear her son would die.

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