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Saturday, August 11, 2018

(Photos) I Have The Best A$$ And B00bs - Instagram Model Claims

Twitter user, @fashoo_ is proud of her natural banging body and she took to her page to show off her stretch marks while rocking a blue bikini.
She captioned the post: ‘Real Bodies ? stretch marks and tummy ain’t never hurt nobody ??‍??’

Stretches are more common in women, especially during pregnancy. As your tummy grows to make room for a baby, your skin stretches. Hormones that surge when you’re pregnant may also weaken skin fibers and cause stretch marks.
Any body part that gets bigger during pregnancy could get stretch marks. They might fade as you shed pounds after the baby is born.

Both women and men who are obese can get the marks. Even bodybuilders who have little fat can get them where their muscles bulge.
Kids might get them if they suddenly get taller or gain weight, like during puberty. Make sure they know this is normal. Childhood marks may fade as kids get older.

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