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Friday, February 8, 2019

These 6 Things to do as an Upcoming Artist to succeed in Ghana music Industry

Talents are being discovered in this beautiful country of ours, Ghana on daily basis. Unfortunately, less than 10% of these talents go on to achieve any form of recognition and very few become a celebrated talent.
These talents in the music industry are referred to as Underground artists and despite their burning desire to succeed, most of these underground artists do not succeed mostly because of their own actions and inactions.
Are you an underground artist who wants to blow? No worries, you are definitely at the right place. Ghana Page will teach you 6 very important things to do as an underground artist to blow in the Ghana music industry.

Mind you, these, these principles work for every music industry in the world, not just Ghana. So stay with me…Read to the end.


You are an underground artist seeking to make a mark, please don’t compromise on quality. As it stands now, the only thing that can actually sell you is the quality of your songs, not your name.
You will not blow with needless controversies or beefing established artists. Don’t believe the hype around beef. The only thing that will sell you at this moment is quality music. Work more on your rhymes, mixing and mastering.

Make sure you work with a studio that has a better sound card, a decent condenser microphone and find at least a semi-professional who will mix and master your song.


You see, patience is probably one of the most vital attitudes you need to have as an underground artist if you hope to blow in this industry. Most underground artists simply give up after a few years of fruitless hustle.
You must have the attitude to withstand frustration. Most underground musicians just give up after their hustle refuses to pay off early. The most celebrated musician of our time, Sarkodie did not blow in just a day. It took years for him to be recognized.
Sark revealed how he was paid with T-Sirt and drinks when he performed. He even walked from Tema to Ashaiman for shows but he never gave up. Now he is the King…Be patient!

Get A Slogan

Besides your name which you are making efforts to project make sure you get a slogan. Shatta Wale has “SM4Lyfe”, Stonebwoy has “Bhim”, Sarkodie has “Obidiponbidi”, Patapaa has “Pa2pa” etc
No joke, get yours. It has to be unique and fun to mention.

Stop Waiting For Record Label

Most underground artists never make it because they have this delusional belief that being signed unto a record label is the only way they can make it.
Please stop waiting for a record label and Start doing your own thing. Invest in your music and don’t hang around waiting for a record label. Even if the record label come they will buy you cheap when you have not already started making efforts.


Listen, the music business is no joke. Music is a business which you have to invest to rip returns. Without promotion, you are out of the game before you even start.
You need to get your songs played on radio and TV, you need to grease the palms of DJs to enjoy that airplay.

You need to upload your songs for easy download and streaming. No matter your talent, you need promotion to succeed and It all boils down to money. Get money or get someone to invest in your music.

Have A Backup Plan

No matter your talent, have a backup plan. Have a plan B in case the music business disappoints you; It has disappointed millions before you.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; learn a trade, go to school do something else. What you may not know is that most celebrated musicians are degree holders.

These are not the only things you need to blow but trust me, I have been in this business for a long time I know the elements to employ to make it in this industry. Put these 6 important steps into action and thank me later…Bless up


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