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Why Us?


How will it feel to leave your event, music, and things you might waste time promoting for someone else to do it for you and get to your targeted audience faster and easier both online and offline?

Introducing Sasy Entertainmentgh (Sasyentgh) a division of Sasyghana.........
Sasyentgh offers you the opportunity to promote your music, video, comedy, free style, rap battle, dance, model pictures,  products, etc on the internet at a more convenient condition and terms, with varieties of platform, Sasyentgh is bound to reach more people, more customers, more clients and the general public at large both in Ghana and outside Ghana,

The question is how do they do it ?

At Sasyentgh once the item you are promoting has been handed over to them with the help of other bloggers in Ghana, and outside Ghana, and with other advertising platform and social medias, Sasyentgh promote your services or products to a wide range of people who are in need of such services or products, in the aspects of entertaining, they also promote your music, video, comedy, dance, etc to reach your audience and give you the fans you desire,

How can i contact or get my products or services to them?
  contacting Sasyentgh is easy you can send your products, music, etc to them directly on whatsapp or their facebook fan pages etc and chat with the admins i  charge and it will be done.
below are some of the few link to contact them.

Facebook fan page 1
Facebook fan page 2
(remember to follow to stay updated)
write us on our email
you can send us a message on whatsapp

How much do i have to pay?

To promote with Sasyentgh is not a thing you have to sell your items and bring money Sasyentgh overs you verities of choices when it comes to how long you want to promote your events, products, music, dance, video, comedy or whatsoever you do with them depending on how much you want to pay and your budget.

Here is a review for Sasyentgh, written by a fan to parrotgh check it on   


Try Sasentgh and get your audience faster and quicker 

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